An Excellent, Invaluable Experience


Tammy & Adam provided an in-depth, informative and digestible 2 day course, focused on mastering sales and influence.  I have learnt many knew techniques that I know will be a real positive impact upon our business performance.

I believe that this would be a valuable experience that would add to the sales performance of any business that is focused upon it's growth.

I am A New Person!


This course is very invaluable and the thing I got from it was more than the price.

I made friends, learned about myself, business and developed a new mindset.

Adaobi Onyekweli
Salad Master

A Truly Inspiring Duo!

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We help businesses run more efficiently by freeing up their time spent doing administration tasks with our Virtual PA Service.  To enable our own business to run efficiently while we are business networking, we wanted to learn to master sales and influence.

Through the two-day course, 'Mastering Sales and Influence' with Newleafes, I've learned about myself and was able to analyse my 6 human needs to work on the skills I need to develop. My take away is to apply the 7 steps of influencing a sale and bear in mind about the sales & influence formula which are immensely helpful to grow my business.

What I love about Tammy and Adam is they are passionate about what they do. With their combined talents and skills to deliver a well-organised workshop with lots of brainstorming, role playing, actions and relaxations, I believe this is the best course I've ever attended. Thank you, a truly inspiring team!

I would highly recommend Newleafes for all training needs! xxx

Raquel Scrivens
RS Biz Solutions

From Near Closure to Record Revenue in 2 Weeks!

Jaspers Catering Services

“Jaspers offer corporate catering for meetings and events with our guarantee that if you are not happy with your food or it arrives late your next order of the same value is free.

I was having problems in my business but after an intense course of coaching and training with Tammy, two weeks later I had turned my business around, from the point where I was planning to walk away from the business at the beginning of October to October being my best month.  Since then I have seen progressive improves each month with many of them being more record breaking months, to the point I had to hire more staff.   I put a lot of this success down to the private coaching I received from Tammy and the Mastering Sales and Influence training.“

Chris Pook, Director
Jaspers Catering

Mindset, Knowledge and 20 Ideas to Action


"I really enjoyed the Mastering Sales and Influence workshop, and found it immensely useful. Tammy and Adam were adept at tailoring the course to everyone's different needs, so we all came away with valuable new skills and knowledge. By the time the course finished, I had a list of about 20 different ideas and actions to implement back at the office."

Sarah Stein, Head of Member Relationship Team
London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Absolutely fantastic! A must for any business or business owner.


My goal when attending 'Newleafes' workshop was to enhance my sales ability by developing new tools and techniques to increase business growth.

Wow!! What can I say...

The 'Mastering Sales and Influencing' course fully delivered and far exceeded my expectations.

Excellent material. Brilliantly presented. Invaluable business tools and techniques.

Thank you so much, truly inspiring.

Rupert Hinkes, Sales
Landlord Investment Show

A very empowering course offering valuable knowledge and techniques

Annabel Fogden Profile

I needed to strengthen my skills of persuasion and ability to influence team members, stakeholders, etc. I see that Newleafes practice what they preach in the way they develop their business and this also endorses their training. The course was well delivered and in a clear, practical and enjoyable way. Thank you also for addressing some of the challenges particular to my role. I will certainly make use of the knowledge that I have gained and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to fellow managers or sales colleagues.” 

Annabel Fogden, General Manager
Croydon Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Longer Customer Relationships

Tom Breza.jpg

Thanks to Adam and Tammy's knowledge we have already found great results in our day to day meetings with customers. 'Mastering Sales and Influence' taught us, amongst other things, how to engage with our customers, by asking the right questions and listening to what is important to them. By continuing with this alone we are looking forward to longer and more beneficial customer relationships.

Tom Breza
PC Service

You will not regret it

Simon Cripps Profile pic

Tammy and Adam are truly inspiring. Their approach to business motivation and development is fantastic. They are able to open up the way you see your business in order to gain new customers.  Their methods do work, give them a try and you will not regret it. I do not hesitate in recommending them.

My Business is now Growing faster

Liz Taylor Profile

I first met Tammy from at a networking event in Surrey. On hearing Tammy's business introduction to the group I quickly realised that to maximise on any future networking opportunities I needed to gain some expert advice on my communication and networking skills. I booked onto a course and have come away with some very very valuable lessons and tips. I am now applying the techniques into my everyday networking and my business is now growing faster. Thank you Tammy and team.

Rich in interaction


I have recently attended Mastering Sales and Influence. I have found the '7 steps of influence' a very good way to identify one's needs. The delivery of the training was rich in interaction and I left re-energized.

Wahida Mohamed
Language Tuition Plus

Concise, challenging and results driven


I was really impressed with the 2 day course on Personal Branding with Adam and Tammy. They really helped me to identify that my personal brand was - me!! I had always heard that you are your unique selling point but it took the two days with Adam and Tammy for the penny to drop with me!

I liked the way Tammy wouldn't give up if she thought something should be probed further - even if it meant taking more time on it than planned - she is like a dog with a bone!

Needless to say, the results were that I am clearer in my mind as to how to promote my business to others - I really didn't know how much I didn't know until I went on this course! It is essential for all new start ups in my opinion.

I'm very much looking forward to spending a further 3 days with Adam and Tammy on the website course in the new year.

Jacquie Bullen
Enter Your Potential

Go beyond the call of duty


Through their courses I have found Tammy and Adam's advice for effective business communication thought provoking and inspiring. They are both excellent people to work with and go beyond the call of duty to help you develop the techniques and tools to fundamentally develop yourself and your business.

Chris Murray

Invaluable for individuals or SME’s

Hazel Wells

I provide a bespoke investment property sourcing service with the option of complete project management for clients here and abroad. I attended Newleafes WordPress training, which is so much more than just the mechanics of setting up a website. Their combined knowledge and expertise has given me my own unique website. I highly recommend their training. It is invaluable for individuals or SME’s looking to either set up or update their own website.

Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience

Croydon Built to Compete 2

Croydon Built to Compete 2 is a fully funded local business support initiative from Croydon Council assisting Croydon SMEs to win new business through training events, 1:1 consultancy and Meet the Buyers events. As Project Manager part of my role is to engage local businesses onto our programmes. I attended Newleafes’ Mastering Sales and Influence training day and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The model for the 7 Master Steps of Influence clearly highlighted the psychology behind each step and I now feel more confident in dealing with all types of personalities when it comes to selling and persuading. This training is not only suitable for business owners but for larger organisations with sales teams too.

Inspiring Business Coaching & Sales Training


Action Game Replay provides affordable video marketing for businesses in order for business owners to be in front of their prospective clients 24/7. We have been on several of Newleafes' training courses, including 'Mastering Sales and Influence' and also WordPress website training.

Through their courses I have found Tammy and Adam's advice for effective business communication thought provoking and inspiring. They are both excellent people to work with and go beyond the call of duty to help you develop the techniques and tools to fundamentally develop yourself and your business. Whether it's for a new website or sales training you'll always gain valuable insight!

Chris Murray
Action Game Replay

Networking Brilliance


Plug and Play Design Clapham is a Digital Marketing agency that wins you more customers and makes you more money. We are all about forming partnerships with you and supporting you towards achieving your business goals and objectives.

Tammy and Adam put on a networking master class guiding us through each of the stages required to achieve networking success. I thoroughly recommend this event for both networking newbies and veterans. You are guaranteed to learn something new and have a great time too.

Enjoyable and productive evening!

Nicolina - professional.JPG

As a Qualified Solicitor with over 10 years experience, I know the importance of reputation and relationships in business.

I attended one of the Newleafes networking evenings recently and can honestly say that I had a fun, enjoyable and productive evening. As opposed to many networking events, Newleafes actually helped us to PERFECT our networking skills and that helped us all to really get something out of the event. We were encouraged to drill down and really find out some detail about the other attendees and their business so that we can remember and refer them onto our other contacts! Definite recommend.

Nicolina Andall
Andall Legal



Language Tuition Plus provides International Communities a one stop point for language Tuition, Translation and Interpreting services, as well as employability services, so I know how important relationship building and networking is for us and our clients.

Newleafes Networking is a great event in the heart of the buzzing Croydon. I met with similar business minded people. The evening was well structured in a positive and encouraging environment .I left with great contacts and well re-energized! I will definitely be attending again to continue to develop and strengthen the marketing strategy of my company.

Wahida Mohamed
Language Tuition Plus

Turned my passion into a business

miLarKey logosmall

I have recently made a career change and am following my passion for music. However, as the leader of my band miLarKey I recognised I needed to run this as a viable business and as such invested in several of Newleafes business and sales training seminars. I find Tammy to be an insightful trainer and inspirational coach. Since investing in Tammy and Adam’s Mastering Sales and Influence day I not only now use their unique models and step by step processes for ‘selling and influence’ in my business, it has also helped me to understand how to manage and influence people in other areas of my life too. I would highly recommend investing in the Mastering Sales and Influence day to anyone that is looking to be more than just successful in their business.

Christian Gaffney

Effective business growth from one meeting

Daniel headshot.jpg

I have been in the print industry for 40 plus years and owned my own printing company for over 30 years. I have a wealth of experience and one thing that always stands out is that the best business comes from personal and corporate referrals. Building relationships is vital for a successful company. Newleafes networking event was one of the most fruitful I have attended. I received a number of enquiries for print which are still in discussion and additionally had enquiries, which have already led to new clients, for my other company which advises on reducing utilty costs for both SME business and private residential clients.
Well done and thank you to Tammy and Adam of Newleafes. I will certainly refer them to others.

Highly Motivating


I needed to establish where I was going with my business and why things were not working out as well as I hoped.

After one day with Adam and Tammy, on Step 1 of their 5 step 'Transform Passion into Profit system', they not only helped me decide which direction to take, but helped me discover my vision, my unique selling points and ultimate goals.

I felt truly motivated and a thousand times more confident about my business and my abilities after the course.

Josephine Williamson
Black Diamond Events

Invaluable techniques for sales situations.

Nick Nathanail

Tammy and Adam’s sales training is grounded on academic principles linked to everyday business situations. Their training provided strategies and practical techniques that have been invaluable for sales situations.

Nick Nathanail
Nick Nathanail Consulting

A really insightful learning experience


I was at the event filming a promotional video for Newleafes as part of their online marketing. I found what Tammy and Adam talked about very insightful and would highly recommend to anyone who is keen to develop their business skills. After all everyone needs to be able to sell what they do and the psychology behind this seems to make a lot of sense, when you know how.

A breath of fresh air


I left the workshop feeling that my eyes had been opened properly for the first time. I was very impressed with the techniques we were taught and can't wait to learn more. A very easy and friendly approach that actually makes sense. I would highly recommend Newleafes.

Newleafes Workshop - Positive Energy


I have now known Tammy and Adam for a few months, I like their positive energy and helpful attitude. I photographed their recent Steps to Business Succuess workshop, their approach towards business growth and getting more happy Clients makes sense. They seem to have worked out a sensible approach that can be useful for existing and new business owners to grow their business. I can happily recommend them to anyone.

Akasi Photography

A Relevant & Informative Learning Opportunity


I needed to understand why I find it difficult to correctly & confidently value the services we offer. The workshop succeeded in helping me identify why this is, in an enjoyable, non-pressurised environment.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Newleafes.

Kevin Moss
Palmerston Ltd



Newleafes has the ability to transform your vision. I have no problem in recommending the great work that Tammy & Adam provide. If you have a vision and need some direction to your target then attending one of the great training sessions that Newleafes provide will help you achieve your goal.

Masterminds Make A Huge Difference


Being part of a mastermind group provides a brilliant framework in which there is on-going support from like-minded peers. I found the regular group brainstorming for each of our specific issues to be extremely beneficial, the ideas that are generated exceed those that anyone of us would have had alone. We discussed all aspects of our business, ranging from peer supervision and reviewing client case studies, to discussing marketing strategies. These sessions were extremely well organised and Tammy ensured all the needs of the peers were met. Mastermind groups are a fantastic way of incorporating accountability, energy and a fresh perspective to your business.

Tammy Gets To Your Core Needs


When it comes to running Business and Corporate workshops with a personal touch Tammy is your lady. I have worked with Tammy on several business initiatives and training days over the last few years and the energy, motivation and insight that Tammy is able to transfer to other business owners is awesome. Rather than making it about business, Tammy is able to get to the core of the person and their needs and the business grows from that - the results are pretty incredible (although not surprising). It’s all about changing the mindset and your way of thinking, Tammy and Newleafes does that for you. If you have a business I thoroughly recommend working with Newleafes!

Nisha Gera, Founder

Life Changing


I have recently had the pleasure in spending time with Tammy and Adam. Their honesty, drive and commitment is first class! I would not hesitate to use their services again in the near future and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jan Green, Managing Partner
Vocality Marketing

Tammy Has Shifted My Mindset To Excel In The Workplace

Coaching from Tammy has taught me a lot about myself. I always regarded myself as very self aware but this has been on another level. I feel like I have learnt so much from her and grown into a more balanced person. At work I am now mindful of disconnecting negative thoughts that usually affect my actions and no longer jump to believe them. Tammy has not only shifted my mindset, she has given me the skills to excel in the workplace, such as being a positive confident speaker. What I used to believe were a consistent set of difficulties, I now see as positive challenges.

I would not be the same person without the support of Tammy and when people ask me how I remain positive in a very stressful job...I let them into my secret.

Alexa Cook

I Recommend Adam If You Desire Better Performance

Adam's direction has changed my behaviours giving me more positive beliefs in the areas that personally challenged me. I am very grateful for his help and therefore recommend Adam if you desire better performance and ultimately, a better chance of achieving your goals.

Roger Vertannes

I Can't Recommend Adam Pavitt Highly Enough

If you want results, positive outcomes and a sense of control in your life, Adam Pavitt is your man. Adam has an amazing understanding of the human psyche and with that he enables his clients to feel empowered, encouraged and entitled. I can't recommend Adam highly enough.

Janet Marshall

My Confidence Increased

I was nervous to begin with but your friendly and joking nature had me at ease straight away. My stress levels are also now less than before we met.  My confidence increased through your sessions and I now speak up in meetings rather than just listening. This has been noticed by my manager and peers. Thank you Adam

Graeme Holmes

Adam Pavitt Helped Me Refocus

Adam Pavitt helped me refocus...I had thought I was a relaxed easy going guy that on the surface handled stress well...but in fact I was tense. Through relaxation and breathing techniques shown to me I have become more focused at work, home and on the Hockey pitch...more consciously aware.

Jason Belch

On To The Next Level


When I had a new opportunity in business that I really wanted to make a success I had some self doubt and I needed some extra help. Investing in some time with Adam has completely changed my perspective of problems in my life on both a personal and professional capacity. His ability to approach problems from a different angle and address issues head on with strategies that Ive never considered before, works immediately. I feel so privileged to have both he and Tammy in my life to give me focus. The things I've learnt will stay with me and, I AM reaching another level ! I am also now a walking advert for them, as people keep noticing the difference in me, simply fantastic!

Saffron Saunders
Firststop Dental