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Newleafes Mastering Sales and Influence
Hampton By Hilton, East Croydon, Greater London, 9th - 10th October

Many organisations are doing themselves and their clients a disservice by not leveraging their influence and sales skills in the most effective way. The art of influence is not unique to sales, the same skills are used to successfully sell an idea or vision to your staff and your clients.

Psychology of Success

When it comes to motivating your team for top performance; influencing your current clients to take up your suggestions or persuading your prospects to buy your product or services, sales psychology plays a significant part in your success. Our training ensures everyone leaves knowing how to sell and influence others using Human Needs Psychology, which allows you to address their core needs, so they know they are making the right decision when buying into you (or from you).

“Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could.”

~   Steve Jobs 

Mastering Sales and Influence

The correct intention when selling and influencing is to focus on the best outcome for the other party and to make a positive difference to their situation, whether it’s a potential client, current client or your own staff. Sales and influence, when done correctly, not only enables you to see the world the way your prospects or team members see it, but to effectively enable them to visualise your solution as the best outcome to their problems. Create a powerful vision for your clients and they will buy into you and even sell for you.

Attend This Course If Your Goal Is To...

    Win new business and increase sales

  • Develop a mindset for success; adopt powerful, psychological sales skills for face-to-face prospecting, for your marketing communications or client proposals in order to expand your business and exceed your sales targets.


    Leverage your client accounts for greater business opportunities

  • Engage with your clients at a deeper level to develop your relationships further and provide a higher quality of service. Use these models to identify their core needs, sell your vision and ultimately create new opportunities for business.

    Lead your team with a vision of success

  • By recognising the individual needs of your team members, learn to inspire and keep them feeling motivated and fulfilled in order to achieve peak performance to achieve your overall goals.
  • Immerse yourself in this interactive and transformational 2 day workshop
  • Use our ‘7 Master Steps of Influence’ system in your role to successfully sell a concept, product or vision
  • Discover the secret to successful and authentic persuasion with Human Needs Psychology
  • Enhance your ability to verbally communicate at all levels to different personality types
  • Adapt these models for more effective written communication, client emails; marketing communication; proposals using more influential language
  • Fine tune your leadership skills to enhance your team’s performance using the 7 Master Steps of Influence
  • Get specific with your goals and integrate these models with group coaching
  • Remove unconscious fears around persuading, influencing, motivating and selling
  • Learn these models and techniques faster with our ‘accelerated learning’ techniques
  • Meet like-minded achievers and practice these strategies in a closed group setting
  • Receive personal attention to your specific situation in the group coaching environment
  • Leave the training with a list of actionable goals which will significantly grow and further develop your business and work relationships
  • Influence with integrity and discover how to make a difference to others’ lives

We are accredited GrowthAccelerator training providers so enquire about how this training can be match funded.

‘GrowthAccelerator is where ambitious businesses go for new connections, new routes to investment and the new ideas and strategy they need to achieve their full potential.’


“The most influential person who will talk to you all day, is you.  So, you should be very careful what you say to you.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Growth Accelerator Logo‘GrowthAccelerator is where ambitious businesses go for new connections, new routes to investment and the new ideas and strategy they need to achieve their full potential.’
Mastering Sales and Influence has helped our clients…


Jaspers Catering Services“Jaspers offer corporate catering for meetings and events with our guarantee that if you are not happy with your food or it arrives late your next order of the same value is free.  I was having problems in my business but after an intense course of coaching and training with Tammy, two weeks later I had turned my business around, from the point where I was planning to walk away from the business at the beginning of October to October being my best month.  Since then I have seen progressive improvements in sales each month with many of them being record breaking months, to the point I had to hire more staff.   I put a lot of this success down to the private coaching I received from Tammy and the Mastering Sales and Influence training.“  Chris Pook, Director, Jaspers Catering


“My goal when attending ‘Newleafes’ workshop was to enhance my sales ability by developing new tools and techniques to increase business growth.  Wow!! What can I say… The ‘Mastering Sales and Influencing’ course fully delivered and far exceeded my expectations.  Excellent material. brilliantly presented, invaluable business tools and techniques.  Thank you so much, truly inspiring.”  Rupert Hinkes, Sales, Landlord Investment Show


Croydon Built to Compete 2

“I attended Newleafes’ Mastering Sales and Influence training and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The model for the 7 Master Steps of Influence clearly highlighted the psychology behind each step and I now feel more confident in dealing with all types of personalities when it comes to selling and persuading. This training is not only suitable for business owners but for management and sales teams within larger organisations too.”      Allegra Monico, Croydon Built to Compete 2


“I really enjoyed the Mastering Sales and Influence course and found it immensely useful. Tammy and Adam were adept at tailoring the course to everyone’s different needs, so we all came away with valuable new skills and knowledge. By the time the course finished, I had a list of about 20 different ideas and actions to implement back at the office.”  Sarah Stein, Head of Member Relationship Team, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Annabel Fogden ProfileI needed to strengthen my skills of persuasion and ability to influence team members, stakeholders, etc. I see that Newleafes practice what they preach in the way they develop their business and this also endorses their training. The course was well delivered and in a clear, practical and enjoyable way. Thank you also for addressing some of the challenges particular to my role. I will certainly make use of the knowledge that I have gained and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to fellow managers or sales colleagues.”   Annabel Fogden, General Manager, Croydon Chamber of Commerce

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Dates: 9th-10th October 2014

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Longer Customer Relationships

Tom Breza.jpg

Thanks to Adam and Tammy's knowledge we have already found great results in our day to day meetings with customers. 'Mastering Sales and Influence' taught us, amongst other things, how to engage with our customers, by asking the right questions and listening to what is important to them. By continuing with this alone we are looking forward to longer and more beneficial customer relationships.

Tom Breza
PC Service

Mindset, Knowledge and 20 Ideas to Action


"I really enjoyed the Mastering Sales and Influence workshop, and found it immensely useful. Tammy and Adam were adept at tailoring the course to everyone's different needs, so we all came away with valuable new skills and knowledge. By the time the course finished, I had a list of about 20 different ideas and actions to implement back at the office."

Sarah Stein, Head of Member Relationship Team
London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

An Excellent, Invaluable Experience


Tammy & Adam provided an in-depth, informative and digestible 2 day course, focused on mastering sales and influence.  I have learnt many knew techniques that I know will be a real positive impact upon our business performance.

I believe that this would be a valuable experience that would add to the sales performance of any business that is focused upon it's growth.